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Frequently Asked Questions 


Are you taking on NHS patients at the moment?

Yes, we are currently registering NHS patients without any waiting list or postcode restrictions. To register with us click here or call us on 01467 629 909. Once you provide us with your details either by calling or filling in our online registration form we will arrange a free examination appointment for you. Attending this appointment will complete your registration process with our practice. 


Is it free to register with an NHS dentist?

Yes, it is completely free to register with us! 


Are check ups free under the NHS?

Yes, NHS check ups are free. You only pay for treatments such as scale and polish, X-rays, fillings, etc.


Are all treatments covered by the NHS?

No, only treatments that are clinically necessary to your dental health are covered by the NHS. All other treatments, such as white fillings or teeth whitening are provided on a private basis. 


Can I receive a combination of both NHS and private treatments?

Yes, you can for example receive your scale and polish under the NHS but also opt for white fillings on the same appointment.


Can I receive free treatment under the NHS?

NHS treatments are generally 20% NHS covered and 80% paid by the patient. However, you are eligible for free treatment in certain circumstances such as if you are named on a valid NHS Tax certificate or if you are under 18 years of age. For full details on eligibility criteria to receive free NHS dental care please refer to our Treatment Costs page or contact us.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest

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