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Nervous of the Dentist?


A message from your dentists to any nervous patients out there...

First and most important point: NEVER be embarrassed about your fears and please take comfort in knowing you're not the only one! Anxiety before visiting is more common than you think.

You're Not The Only One

We’re all about taking it one step at a time. Our dentists are people first and foremost, so they’ll be able to listen, relate, and empathise with how and why you may have a fear. Get to know them, let us get to know you…it makes us happy when you share with us and when explain in detail everything that has happened in the past. Only through trust and good communication can a patient-dentist relationship really progress.

Try to attend a relaxed, comfortable chat with our dentists - all will go at your pace and we'll ensure you get accustomed to the practice, our team, the surgeries, and just being around our lovely team. One thing we guarantee is that our team of trained professionals - who have many years of experience between them - will always strive to do what’s best for you and your family. When you’re in our practice, you’re our responsibility, and it’s our duty to take good care of you!

Let's Work On This!

We hope that any nervous patients hear our recommendation of giving the dentist a chance. If you'd like more info, give Sarah, Fiona, or Lorne a call on Reception at 01467 629909 and let them know about your fear and that you would like to meet/see a dentist. Our priority and sole objective is to provide everyone with the dental care they need. Together, when we work through your fear and get you comfortable enough to attend check-ups at our practice, we can look to ensure that we avoid any major issues arising.

P.s. One last thing, if you’ve read this, you’ve taken the first step and we’re so proud of you for researching ways to help with getting to a dentist!


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