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Monday Myth Buster: To Floss Or Not To Floss


You may have read conflicting reports about whether or not there are benefits to flossing. Here at Inverurie Smile Care, we think flossing is an essential part of optimum oral hygiene and recommend doing it at least once per day. 


Here are the top benefits of flossing

1- Removes Plaque Which Prevents Cavities

2- Helps Prevent Gum Disease 

3- Removes Food Particles 

4- Helps To Freshen Breath


If flossing isn't something you usually do, here is a list of our top tips to help you on your way. 


Top Tips

  • Use around 18inches wrapping some around a finger on each hand
  • Pull the floss tight between each hand so there is no slack floss
  • Gently move the floss between your teeth pulling away from the gum each time 
  • Be gentle and make sure the floss does not slap against the gum


A common question we are asked is if you should still floss if your gums bleed. The answer is yes! By cleaning that area you are helping to prevent gum disease and in time the gums will become healthier. 


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