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NHS Dentist Inverurie Competition Terms & Conditions

  • Inverurie Smile Care Ltd will be the sole administrator of any current/future free draw giveaway and/or competition prize draw.
  • Full, clear explanation as to routes to entry will be explicitly stated accordingly.
  • The above extends to eligibility requirements for entrants e.g. some prizes may be subject to age restrictions and/or a suitability consultation with our qualified dental practitioners in which an assessment and evaluation by said practitioner will determine progression/prohibition and shall be deemed final.
  • Any staff of Inverurie Smile Care are not eligible to enter any current/future prize draw.
  • The current competition period and dates relating to competition start, duration, and closure will be stated accordingly.
  • Clear definitions and outline of the prize(s) offered along with any suitability requirements (as above) will be explicitly stated.
  • Prize draw / selection of giveaway winner(s) will be conducted by Dentist Management under supervision, taking place on a stated date
  • Winner(s) will be informed within 10 working days of draw. Acceptance and Refusal of the prize is at the winner's discretion.
  • If our Inverurie dental team cannot establish contact with the winner within 10 working days of the first attempt, a new winner will be drawn until this criteria is fulfilled.
  • All conditions above are subject to and under the rules dictated by both data protection legislation, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
  • The re-purposing of any entries, and/or any copyright ownership resultant of said entry, will be aligned with data protection legislation e.g. express consent, permission, and release will be obtained. 
  • All free draw giveaways and competition prize draws will be in accordance with relevant legislation, with unequivocal distinctions made from any free draw giveaway or competitions towards a lottery. Furthermore, there will, under no circumstance, be any purchase required to enter. Any free draw giveaways and/or competition prize draws proffer a complete release of Facebook/Instagram by each entrant or participant; and any such instances are in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook/Instagram.
  • Inverurie Smile Care does not accept any responsibility regarding the suitability of the prize for the winner. 
  • By submitting your competition entry, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

For any questions regarding the terms and conditions please Contact Us directly.


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest

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