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Get to know our team: Tracy

Tracy Merper - Receptionist


FullSizeRender (1).jpgTracy was born in Germany and having had a father working for the army she has been moving around, living here and there, ever since. Still very young, she has lived in Singapore, and a few years later she called the United Kingdom home. Soon after she was living in Gibraltar, just before moving back to the UK leaving her parents behind, to attend boarding school in Worcestershire.

Tracy has met her husband in the UK, who was working for the Air Force, so the moving around did not end. Soon after they got married they moved to Georgia in the United States of America. She had a really nice time there, but her husband got stationed in Saudi Arabia, so they had to leave again. Living in the Middle East was an interesting and an eye-opening experience for her.  Tracy has enjoyed living here and there, however, looking back at it, and thinking about the constant change of environment and friends, it was not always easy to just move on.

She is settled in Scotland now, with her two kids and her husband, who is now retired from the Air Force. She has joined our team a few months ago and she loves being part of the Inverurie Smile Care community and enjoys interacting with all our patients. She is always up for a wee chat before your appointment.

When she isn’t at work she teaches Pilates classes or does yoga. When the weather allows she goes for a nice walk. Having lived in different cultures and experienced various cuisines she loves cooking, eating Thai food, and is up for a good curry anytime. Exploring and travelling is still one of her passions and she always looks forward to a nice holiday.

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