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As part of our community partnership with the Inverurie – Aberdeenshire North Foodbank and the Inverurie Green Grocer, we were kindly able to provide a large volume of selection chocolate packs to accompany our regular donation! This was warmly received and a special thank you to BID Manager, Derek Ritchie for making sure the chocolate went to good use and to those in most need.
On a regular, monthly basis we relish the chance to work with and help the lovely team at the foodbank who provide those in need with a voucher with three days’ emergency food! They go even further by adding a warm, kind  touch by inviting those in need of their support with a warm drink or free hot meal, whilst also signposting people to various support agencies who may be able to help solve the longer-term problem.
Read about our involvement on the Foodbank's website and also visit the Green Grocer's Facebook page! 
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