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Private Dental Treatments at Inverurie Smile Care
Improve your appearance at our Inverurie dental practice

At Inverurie Smile Care we do not only care for your health, but we also help you smile with confidence. It is important to us that our patients leave with a smile that they are happy with.

Lost a tooth or two?

Not to worry! Our dental implants will help get your smile back. We use the highest quality dental implants that can replace one or more missing teeth and even help you fix your denture making it more comfortable and and secure. Click here to learn more about dental implants.

"Invisible" fillings

The times when fillings were visible are long gone, and with our white fillings you can say goodbye to a silver smile. Our white fillings are adjusted to the colour of your teeth so people won’t even notice you had any dental work done. To learn more about white fillings click here.

Brighten your smile with our tooth whitening services

Coffee, smoking, or red wine all stain your teeth. With our professional tooth whitening service we can help you get that bright smile back. You will leave our dental practice with a shining smile in just a few appointments. Tooth whitening at Inverurie Smile Care is affordable and effective. With free consultation and a set charge rather than charge per appointment you are now able to afford to get the smile you have always wanted.

We are here to help

Our reception team is always on hand to help you and provide you with more information. Please contact us and we will try our best to get back to you within one working day. You are always welcome to phone our dental practice on 01467 629 909 during our opening hours. We are open 8AM to 8PM Monday to Thursday and 8AM to 6PM on Fridays.

We Are Open 8AM to 8PM
We Are Open 8AM to 8PM

Busy schedule? Our Inverurie dentist is open 8AM to 8PM Monday to Thursday and 8AM to 6PM on Friday to suit the lifestyle of even our busiest patients. More

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