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Our anti-wrinkle facial aesthetics are designed to give beautiful, natural results that last up to 3 months. 

  The before and after pictures are here to show you what can be achieved with the treatment. If you have any particular areas you would like to treat this can be discussed at a free consultation. Call us on 01467 629 909 to arrange a suitable time for you. 


There are many areas that can be targeted including:

Crows Feet, Laughter Lines, Eyebrow Lift, Gummy Smile, Forehead lines. 


Patient 1


Forehead Lines: 

This patient achieved a very natural result after just one treatment of anti-wrinkle procedure to the forehead lines. 

Before and After botox. png.png


Brow lift: 

The patient achieved a very good result with a brow lift and significant reduction in the lines between the eyes also knows as 'eleven' lines. 

Before and after brow.png



We Are Open 8AM to 8PM
We Are Open 8AM to 8PM

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